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We, as people living in a world that is both dying and seeking to be reborn, who are shaken to our very roots by the massiveness and depth and of planetary and human suffering, are empowered by a driving passion to bear witness to that suffering, participate in its transformation and affirm the inherent glory of life.

1988 Community Ministry Proclamation and Covenant

Therefore we do covenant together:

TO RESPOND to these cries of pain, to our own brokenness, and to awaken the healing spirit of hope.

TO ENGAGE in a broad spectrum of ministries through and with UU congregations, the larger community, and increasingly, in a global context.

TO CELEBRATE the diversity of life within our elemental interconnectedness.

TO CHALLENGE one another as individuals and as members of institutions to identify, analyze, and act upon the basic causes of human hurt and separation.

Thus empowered, we join hands with the community of faith in acknowledging the larger ministry which addresses our common vision.


We call upon our denomination to recognize a variety of lay and ordained ministries as embodiments of the UU principles and purposes.


All of our creative ministries including academic, administrative, aesthetic, AIDS, campus, camp and conference centers, chaplaincies, community-focused, environmental, gay/lesbian/bisexual, healing, legal, men-focused, music, parish, pastoral counseling, pastoral psychotherapy, peace, religious education, social justice, women focused, young adult, youth and ministries not yet envisioned are valid, necessary and life affirming.

Such compassionate, liberating, prophetic ministries are at the very heart of our religious tradition.

Chicago, Illinois

November 12, 1988


1988 Signatories - Founding Ceremony

Curtis Room of Meadville-Lombard Theological School

Elinor Berke

Joseph Chauncey

Thomas Chulak

Catherine Cogan

David Dalrimple

Penny Hacket Evans

Lila Forest

Florence Gelo

Neil W. Gerdes

John C. Godbey

Susan Grubb

Karla Hansen

Linda Hart

Melvin A. Hoover

Karuna Alan Kistler

Spencer Lavan

Carolyn McDade

Lille McGauran

Orloff Miller

Carolyn Mitchell

Roberta King Mitchell

Judy Morris

Stephanie Nichols

Susie Pangerl

Thomas Payne

Robert Rafford

Richard R. Rodes

Stephen Schick

Neil Shadle

Shermie Shafer

Jody Shipley

Douglas M. Strong

Cheng Imm Tan

Ben Tousley

Thomas Wakely

John Weston

James Zacharias

Download as 1988 Proclamation as PDF

The Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries.


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