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The Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries (UUSCM) is a Unitarian Universalist movement of lay ministers & ordained clergy committed to promoting a broad spectrum of healing and social justice ministries.  We believe that only through many diverse forms of ministry can we heal the broken, create justice, and live in harmony with the spirit of life.  We hold a vision of a larger ministry that sees the world as its parish.


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Attending G.A.? Be Sure to Check Out these UUSCM Member-Led Workshops:


Conflict Resolution Without Compromise  - Cat Cox

Thursday, 6/26/2014  10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Meaningful conflict resolution honors love and truth together! We can move through discord without sacrificing our values, needs or connection. This workshop offers powerful and transformative practices for staying true to ourselves while communicating in ways that build trust, create shared understandings, and lead to solutions that benefit all. 


Lowering Congregational Walls with Parish and Community Ministry - Eric Dawson,  Parisa Parsa, Kierstin Homblette and Nancy Bowen

Thurs. 6/26/14   2:15-3:30

Every congregation wants to be known for the great work they do in the community.  Learn how affiliating with community ministers can enhance congregational outreach. This workshop is jointly presented by the UUA’s two professional ministerial organizations,  the UU Ministers Association and the UU Society for Community Ministries


Aging: Creating a Culture of Care  -  Esther Hurlburt

Thurs. 6/26/14    2:15-3:30

The “silver tsunami” has arrived. This program provides practical guidance in meeting the needs of our aging population grounded in a theology of interdependence.  It addresses specific needs of the elderly in relationship to their congregations, friends and family as our culture makes transitions through the aging process.  


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